Russian version

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations of RF, special forces
    - Liquidation of the results of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, people evacuation, delivery of humanitarian goods, search, patrolling, fire extinguishing, etc.

  • Federal Border Service of RF
    - Guarding of the state border, patrolling, search, urgent transportation of the fast deployment forces, transportation of military personnel and cargo to frontier posts, etc

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF
    - Patrolling, passenger and cargo transportation, delivery of mobile squads and groups, air support in case of combat actions.

  • Ministry of Natural Resources of RF
    - Delivery of cargo and landing parties for fire extinguishing, exploration and fields arrangement, monitoring and environment protection.

  • Ministry of Agriculture of RF
    - Passenger and cargo delivery, emergency medical assistance, irrigation and pollination of agricultural plantations.

  • Ministry of Health of RF
    - Emergency medical help, victims evacuation, delivery of medical supplies and equipment.

  • Tourism
    - Passenger and cargo delivery.

  • Airlines
    - Air services according to the above mentioned purposes.

  • General usage
    - Satisfying the needs of the market private sector.