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Fighting forest fires

Presently the fighting of enormous forest fires using conventional means such as helicopters and planes (and hydroplanes) from air and land devices is less effective. The forest fires in Russia (Khabarovsk region, 1998) with 230 000 hectares of coverage and the USA (states of Arizona and Washington, August of 2001) with 200 000 hectares of coverage only prove that.

The Russian invention of a plane with large load carrying capacity can solve that problem masterfully.

Off-airfield plane with aerostatic unloading with load carrying capacity from 20 to 400 tones (hybrid airship) received patents in:
Russia, patent N 2.092.381 'Filimonov's hybrid airship';
Germany, patent N 0861773;
USA, patent N 5.909.857.

The advantage of this aircraft in comparison to other similar fire fighting planes consists in its ability to localize a forest fire site in short time.

Having made a vertical landing on the nearest to the fire water surface and filled its water tanks (200 tones or more) the plane can provide a fast and efficient fire suppression. For example, analysis of the Khabarovsk forest fire which received the world ecological disaster status shows that it could be localized in 24 hours with the help of only one such plane.

Millions hectares of forests perish on our planet annually. Their cost amounts to USD 16 billion. Actually the Earth's 'lungs' just burn down. The author of the above mentioned patent firstly offers the countries which suffer most from the devastating forest fires to join their financial and material resources in order to build this particular aircraft for combating global forest fires thus stopping the approaching ecological disaster.

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