Dear Mr. Nikanorov!

The Aviation Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has studied your letter and the attached documents concerning possible use of the off-airfield aircraft "Bella-1" and "Fialka". The light multifunctional aircraft "Bella-1", proposed by you, could be used by the MChS aviation for monitoring of emergency situations of technogenic and natural character. Usage of the aircraft "Fialka" for search and rescue of plane, helicopter, ship crews in the coastal waters and in-land water areas as well as in hard to reach regions of Russia could become an invaluable contribution in developing Northern regions. At the same time in the documents, submitted by you, there is no mentioning about the search and rescue version of the aircraft so much needed by MChS. The Aviation Department of MChS of Russia supports the idea of construction of the multifunctional off-airfield aircraft "Bella-1" and "Fialka" which could be used within our Ministry. After the start of the serial production and certification of the aircraft the question concerning the necessity of the aircraft to the aviation of MChS will be raised and recommendations will be made about supplying our regional divisions with these planes.

R.Sh. Zakirov Chief of aviation - Chief of the Aviation Department

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