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June 2006

Tumenecotrans Company produced and delivered transport-manufacturing complex on the basis of amphibian landrover Indra for conducting biological revegetation (growth reconstruction) and conveying of emergency and maintenance team and workers on the line of gas-main pipeline UKPG of West-Lake field and AGRS in Anadyr with 110 km in Chukchi administrative district for the sake of Sibneft.

February 2005

PC Sibneft-Noyabrskneftegaz presentation on the 1st International Practical Conference Fields Construction and Infrastructure

January 2004

The first volume of the two-volume monograph ''Off-airfield aircrafts with aerostatic unloading'' (theoretical and experimental research) by A.I.Filimonov was published in Tyumen by Publishing House 'Express' in 2003.

The submitted monograph is the result of theoretical and experimental research. The author substantiates the possibility to create a new class of a flying device - the off-airfield aircraft with aerostatic unloading of the structure weight . The monograph provides the theoretical material on the substantiation of the aerodynamic and structural configuration, the results of experimental research in wind tunnels, gives the description of the manned analogue plane design and also presents the results of its bench and flight tests.

The author hopes that this work will be useful to scientists, aviation engineers and researchers as well as teachers and students of aviation educational institutions.

Soon the second volume of the same monograph ''Off-airfield aircrafts with aerostatic unloading'' will come out of print. It covers the principles of the new class aircraft design and the designing in general. The author studies particularities in selection of main parameters and their interaction with aircraft performance characteristics as well as highlights the designing and structure of certain aircraft segments.
The weight and transport efficiency in comparison with standard aircrafts is shown in the final part of the book.

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